Sara Van Beck was doing her laundry with her Whirlpool front load washer. She was in another room and heard a strange noise.

She told KARE 11 that it was making a high howling,  whistle noise. It was on spin cycle and then, it exploded. She said she fell backward, hit her head and was knocked out. And got a concussion.

She called her husband from her Apple Watch when she woke up and then saw that there were ball bearings from the machine, all over the room. They had hit her like shrapnel.

She said before the explosion, there were no other signs that there was any kind of a problem. She was thankful that none of her kids were near the machine when this happened.

And she said after sharing this on Facebook, she had heard from other people that this has happened to. KARE tried to contact Whirlpool about the issue did not get a response. Sara says after repeated attempts, Whirlpool has agreed to replace the washer and dryer, which was also damaged in the incident.

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