On Saturday I was out to the farm to begin getting equipment ready for the spring planting season. I was quite pleased at how things looked. There was very little water standing in the fields and with the sunshine the soil was beginning to dry off. At this point we have to feel pretty fortunate when you see the pictures and video of the flooding in parts of Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska. However, we need a lot more warm sunshine before we can get into the fields!

In the picture is one of my fields with snowbanks. Many years ago Dad and I took out the old line fence and planted a row of trees and shrubs along the field boarder. With all the snow this winter and northwest winds it sure stopped a lot of snow! While I am pretty sure all of the frost is out of the ground in the fields there is probably some frost under all of this snow. It will require a lot more warm sunshine to melt the rest of this snow and dry the fields. I guess a have a little more time to get ready for planting!

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