Tuesday morning Lori Pagel Ag Instructor and FFA Advisor at the Kasson Mantorville High School asked me to come and talk to her Ag Discovery class about agriculture and Farm Broadcasting. I have been asked for a number of years and it is always fun to talk with the students about my world of Agriculture. The students are always polite and attentive with lots of questions. The one question each class seems to ask is what time do you get up in the morning?

When I tell the students I get up at about 3:15 every morning they are not so sure they would want to do that! However, I did tell them not all Farm Broadcasters have to get up that early. The other question I get is how do you know what meeting to go to or what news is important? I reminded them I still am a farmer so it it is interesting and important for me to know as a farmer then other farmers would likely find it interesting and important too!

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