It was the Prevented Plant year of 2013 that many farmers were first exposed (myself included) to cover crops. We had heard about cover crops but many never really considered planting them. It was in many instances an unnecessary cost. Then a clause in the insurance policy required a cover crop on Prevented Plant acres. Since then cover crops has been a hot topic as we saw something going on in the soil. Maybe cover crops benefited soil health in some way.

The University of Minnesota has been conducting a lot of research on trying to document the benefits of cover crops and doing a cost and return analysis. The University of Minnesota Extension Service has scheduled a Virtual Cover Crop Field Day on August 18, 2020at 1:00 pm. The topics include Cover Crops as a tool in waterhemp management, Balancing the pros and cons of planting green in Minnesota, and Strategies for interseeding cover crops in Minnesota.

There will also be a cover crops roundtable to wrap up the program. There is no charge thanks to the Minnesota Sustainable Agriculture and Research Education Program. If you would like more information contact your local University of Minnesota Extension office or go to the website:

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