A Minnesotan has filmed a few amazing drone videos of iconic Minnesota places: Bryant Lake Bowl, the Mall of America, and now Valleyfair. As usual, the Valleyfair video is amazing!

The drone operator's name is Jay Christensen, or as he's known online, JayByrdFilms. I can't imagine how difficult it is to get something like this time out so perfectly. Jay spoke to KARE 11 back in March when his viral drone footage of Bryant Lake Bowl came out. He said for that one they practiced (him flying the drone and the actors doing their roles for the video) 5 times and then ran it with the camera running 10 times. Now he's filming roller coasters that you can't always totally time out perfectly. Long story short, Jay is really talented.

Based on the costumes in the video, this video must have been filmed pretty recently, but Valleyfair just released the video as a thank you to all of their visitors for a great year back. As you may remember, Valleyfair was closed last year due to the pandemic, so it was a pretty big deal that they were back open.

I'm obsessed with Jay's work, it's just so good! In case you forgot about his Bryant Lake Bowl video that now has over 2 million views on YouTube, here it is.

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