With Minneapolis at the center of negative attention and under severe scrutiny the past several weeks, it's important to remember why we love Minneapolis, St. Paul and our beautiful state at large.

A traveling drone filmmaker known only as TAPP Channel online recently released two videos of the Twin Cities -- one filmed at night and the other during the day. The night video originally premiered to Youtube May 15, reflecting the quiet calm of  social-distancing Minnesotans staying home and off the streets. Filmed in 4K, familiar sights like the Minneapolis skyline, Target Field, US Bank Stadium and the Stone Arch Bridge come to life with breath-taking detail.

"The Twin Cities are SO underrated," said one in the video's comments.

"I live here," commented another. "Love Minneapolis."

"Please do one during the day," asked someone else. "At night, you can't see the beautiful river, lakes, and parks!"

TAPP Channel obliged, premiering a daytime version online as well.

It's worth noting that -- according to UAV Coach -- when flying a drone in Minneapolis or any other city, all drone operators are flying either recreationally or commercially, and each comes with its own set of rules and guidelines.

While noticeably absent of people, TAPP Channel's videos seem more appealing and less eerie than Travel sky agency Jordan Petra's videos of Minneapolis and St. Paul we shared at the height of COVID-19.

What do you love most about the Twin Cities?

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