This will come as no surprise to you but there is another scam going around and it all has to do with the Minnesota Vikings. Green Bay Packers fans might be a fan of this one. Ha! It all has to do with tickets.

When concerts started to come back after the COVID-19 pandemic, the Better Business Bureau warned that there would probably be some ticket scams, since everything became digital in the post-pandemic world.

At the time, they shared that scammers were posing as Ticketmaster with websites that looked very legitimate. It seems even more legitimate considering that people would use a search engine to find the tickets and the fake website would pop up rather than scammers targeting people directly.

From there, people would give the fake website banking information or personal information and never get the tickets they paid for - all because it was a scam. Something similar is now happening with the Minnesota Vikings fanbase.

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This isn't one single scam but rather many different scams, all similar with the same end goal in mind. The details were shared first by the Savage Police Department earlier this week. Savage is only a few hours from the Twin Ports, so it isn't out of the question for these scams to happen here!

While they didn't go into specifics on each and every scam, they gave some helpful tips on what not to do based on information they received. It looks like many are buying fake tickets from many different mediums, all of which end up being fake.

A few ways people are buying fake Minnesota Vikings tickets? Buying them off of websites like Craigslist or Facebook marketplace. We all know that things can get sketchy on there but it also makes it easy to fall for a scam, since sometimes you are asked to pay for something before you see it.

The Savage Police Department also said that because the Minnesota Vikings are having a good year, people are wanting to attend the games more than ever, therefore leading people to do anything to get tickets.

They shared some helpful tips, like not paying for anything before seeing and verifying the tickets. The Savage Police Department also says to be careful of online websites that are selling tickets and opt for one that is legitimate after doing some research.

They advise those that want to see the Vikes in person to buy tickets directly and not from another person, whether at a box office or on Ticketmaster's website. If you do want to purchase third party tickets, they suggest asking to see them first before paying for them.

While all these things may seem obvious, I know the men in my life love the Vikings so much they may act on impulse and buy tickets or not think twice about if something is a scam or not out of excitement. Maybe Packers fans are behind this? Just kidding!

In all seriousness, as things return to normal and events really come back again in 2023, always take a few extra minutes to verify that something is not a scam. It will save you a headache in the long run!

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