On Thursday at 11AM the USDA will release the February Supply Demand Report. This is typically a report with few surprises or as some traders say an in between report. Going the forward the USDA will not adjust the 2016 crop size here in the United States. Adjustments can come on the demand side of the equation and of course crop size in South America. Traders are thinking the corn and soybean carryover here in the United States will be adjusted downward slightly.

The real wild card will likely be what the USDA does with crop size in Brazil and Argentina. The weather seems to be good but maybe not ideal to produce record yields by a lot in both Argentina and Brazil. Gordy said on the air today that he thinks the USDA will likely increase production in Brazil and drop it by the same amount in Argentina. Another words it will be a "wash." We will know at 11AM Thursday!

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