Today at 11AM the USDA will release the acres and stocks report. This typically is one of the biggest reports of the entire year. Eight of the past 10 years this report resulted in a big move in the corn and soybean markets, sometimes higher, others lower. There is no way to know what the USDA will come up with. Then the next question is how will the market respond to the numbers. Traders are expecting a fairly negative report. If we get a negative report maybe it is already "in the market"?

Then we might have a report that one part is bullish, the other bearish. The acres might be much higher than expected and bearish, but then the stocks of corn or beans might be much lower and bullish. There is no way how to anticipate how the market will respond. Then you have the millisecond traders with their computers programmed to look for key words in the report and then put orders in to buy or sell. So, within 5 minutes of the release you might have corn up 25 cents and then down 20 cents. Hang on for a wild ride!

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