This morning before the USDA released the October report at 11:00 am corn was down a couple cents a bushel while beans were around 4 cents higher? Again it sure makes you wonder if some traders had a pretty good idea what the USDA was going to say in the report. Corn was very bearish when the USDA actually raised the projected corn yield for this years crop. Soybeans were friendly as the USDA cut the projected yield. I have noticed this many times that the markets are "leaning" the right way when the report is released.

With all the turmoil in the Federal Government and "leaking"I guess you could argue that somehow important people with power have an inside path to getting the numbers ahead of the release. I read a very interesting article recently that projects a theory that important people with a lot of money do in fact have a very good idea what is going to be in the USDA report and it is not illegal.

With today's technology, if an individual or company had enough money to fund their own research and surveys, they may be able to duplicate the USDA's methods. They may then have a pretty good idea what the numbers will be in the monthly report. Then they can be on the "right side" of the market ahead of time and it is legal. I am just a small farmer in Minnesota. I will never know for sure what is going on.


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