One of the options that farmers have in the new Farm Bill is updating your crop yields. As I understand the new Farm Bill your historic yield over previous years does not affect any payments earned under the ARC County, or Price Loss Coverage (PLC) programs. However, when you have an opportunity to increase your historic crop yields on file at the Farm Service Agency Office it is likely a good idea to take advantage of it. You never know in future Farm Bills it could be very beneficial!

Most farm Service Agency offices are asking that farmers wait until Crop Certification after planting to consider updating your yield. They are all very busy getting farmers signed up for the new Farm Bill. Remember, that deadline is March 16, 2020. Farmers have until September to update their historic yields. With all the rain, late planting, winds and tornadoes the last few years some farmers may not want to update their historic yields. Updating may actually decrease your average but you should at least check it out!

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