This machine was drawing a lot of attention at the North American Farm and Power Show last week in Owatonna. Tractors, combines, skid steers, solar panels, computers all have been there before. But, I think it is safe to say a piece of equipment like this has never been in the Four Seasons complex before! It is actually a lagoon agitator. I first saw this machine at Farmfest last summer and it drew a lot of attention there, too.

It drives itself into a lagoon, floats like a boat and agitates the lagoon before it is pumped. Then it can drive itself out when the lagoon is empty. Hog buildings typically have slatted floors and pits under them that are much easier to agitate. Larger dairy farms normally have lined earthen lagoons that are difficult to get properly agitated. This has a 300 horsepower Cummings diesel engine that can pump 10,000 gallons a minute.

Many times solids and valuable crop nutrients accumulate at the bottom of the lagoon, especially in the middle. This lagoon crawler manufactured by Nuhn Industries has no problem getting the lagoon all mixed up! The lagoon crawler is operated with a remote control. Ben Burns with Boss Supply in Janesville told me they have sold a number of these incredible machines. I am always amazed at the equipment we have available in agriculture!



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