Last Sunday afternoon I was out to the farm mowing the lawn and pulling waterhemp weeds in my bean field. If anyone would like a unique experience of walking beans and pulling waterhemp just let me know! On my way home I stopped to have a look at my sweet corn that was planted May 28, 2017. It was a little "young" but I did take a few ears home to eat. When I was walking in the field I noticed a very large ear with three tips on the end of it.

I pulled the ear off of the plant and pealed back the husk and found this unusual ear. It was one ear of sweet corn that then split into three ears of sweet corn at the tip. I have been growing corn and sweet corn for many decades and I have never seen this before! I mentioned it to a couple agronomists and they have never seen or heard of it either. But here it is, one ear of sweet corn that splits into three ears!

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