Do you have an interest in tracing your family history but you're not sure where to start? I was recently sent a link to a genealogy website that will help you track down your ancestors called FamilyTreeNow. It's seems pretty easy to use and it's filled with all kinds of personal information that will help you in your search for your family roots.

I know my wife would've appreciated this site as another source of info when she was tracking down the Eiler family history and her own family's history. Every year she updates the book that she's made up for my family with new information that she either receives from relatives or finds in her continued searches. Luckily we already knew of some of the basic history of my family, including that we initially came from Germany and that parts of the Eiler clan settled in a town north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, called Dauphin and also in Red Oak, Iowa. I have visited both towns and found the remains of the gravesites that hold my past family members. My wife also found out that her family lineage leads back to Daniel Boone.

So give the FamilyTreeNow website a shot as you're researching your past, you never know what you'll find.

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