Dr. Debalin Sarangi was just hired as an Associate Professor in the Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics and also as a weed Scientist at the University of Minnesota Extension Service. This is good news as farmers are dealing with two very tough weeds. Those would be giant ragweed and the really tough one waterhemp. There are increasing reports of populations of these two weeds, especially waterhemp of developing resistance to a number of classes of herbicides.

The University of Minnesota Extension Service produces weekly Podcasts titled Field Crops 2020. This weeks features Dr. Sarangi, where he grew up, did his under graduate work and where he received his Doctorate. Dr. Sarangi right now is trying to get an understanding of how widespread herbicide resistance is in Minnesota. If you see a weedy area when you are harvesting beans of corn cut off the seed heads from a number of weeds and send them to the St Paul Campus. Seal them in paper bags, not plastic as seeds tend to mold in plastic bags.

Send them to Debalin Sarangi, 411 Borlaug Hall, 1991 Buford Circle, St. Paul MN 55108.

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