There's no question that Eric Church has made a lot of waves during his career in country music, but it's his rebel ways that have made the singer unforgettable.

Church comes by his anti-establishment attitude and reputation as a known rebel -- both in and outside of his music career -- honestly: Some of his ancestors, the Stillwells, "are notorious where I’m from,” the singer once told Playboy, adding that it was his grandfather on the other side of his family that was "the only guy who could whip the Stillwells’ a--es.”

“He’d beat up the Stillwells, get them in cuffs, put them in jail, and when they sobered up, he’d let them go," explains Church. "So, yeah, I am from a long line of sinners.”

But the artist doesn't just use his outlaw attitude to make authority feel uncomfortable; instead, he often steps up to the plate for his fans, fighting scalpers and trying to ensure that those in the front rows of his shows are tried-and-true members of his "Church Choir" -- and that they didn't have to pay an arm and a leg to get there.

And that's not the only time Church has gone to bat for his fans ... but readers will have to press play on the video above to learn more about that, and more of our favorite unforgettable bada-- Church moments.

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