Field Notes is a weekly live webinar hosed by the University of Minnesota Extension service Crops Team every Wednesday morning from 7:30 to 8:00 focusing on crop production topics during the growing season. The topic this week caught my attention, herbicide performance in a dry spring like this one. There was a lot of concern about how our soil applied pre-emergence herbicides would perform this year when they were been applied many days or weeks before it rained. The last few years we had frequent rains and they worked very well.

One of the guests this week will be Dr. Debalin Sarangi, the new University of Minnesota Extension weed management specialist. This is a live interactive webinar so you can bring your questions about how to deal with weeds that may be emerging much earlier than normal. The beans are only a couple inches tall right now. We have a long time yet until they are tall enough to canopy. For more information, to listen to the webinar live or listen to previous Field Notes Programs go to the website:

This Popular Dish in Minnesota and Iowa Has 14 Different Names

What do you call this popular dish in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin that features a piece of bread that is buttered on both sides, had a hole cut out of the middle, and gets fried up with an egg in the middle? Well, it seems like there isn't just one name but 14 different names.


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