The Ryder Cup is always an exciting event for people to watch either on TV or in person, and this year's Ryder Cup taking place to our East in Kohler Wisconsin is no different. Two PGA professional golfers even decided to embrace their inner 'Sconnie as they each received and chugged a beer on the tee box, much to the delight of the crowd.

A Tweet from Twitter User and former LPGA player Jeehae Lee shows the pairing of Justin Thomas and Daniel Berger have a beer tossed their way on what appears to be the tee box for the first hole. Thomas doubles over initially with delight, he then picks up the beer, dusts it off, and looks to Berger.

Not wanting to be outdone, and at the behest of the crowd beginning to chant 'DO IT! DO IT!' Berger gets a beer from someone in the crowd. Both men with a beer in their hand turn towards the crowd at Whistling Straights tap cans and proceed to quench their thirst, much to the delight of the crowd.

After they finished off their beverages the crowd begins to chant USA! USA! USA! The US contingent of golfers has given the crowd plenty to cheer about up to that point as they led their European rivals 9 - 3.

The Ryder Cup takes place every two years alternating locations between Europe and the US. The winner is the team who wins more than 14 of the 28 matches that are played. In case of a tie, 14 matches apiece, the team that was the last one to have one the previous Ryder Cup retains the trophy.

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