Starkey Hearing and 3M both made Time Magazine's list of 100 Best Inventions of 2019. Starkey's invention was the Livio AI hearing aid and 3M made the list with their Scotch Flex & Seal Shipping Roll.

Starkey's Livio AI hearing aid is INSANE! It can do so many things for the user! Bring Me the News says that the Livio AI hearing aid is "the world's first hearing aid that has integrated sensors and artificial intelligence to 'track physical and cognitive activity.'" It also has "fall detection and alert capabilities, rechargeable batteries, ... voice-to-text transcription. ... can stream music for users, and can even translate conversations into the wearer's language.'" This hearing aid is now Starkey's best seller.

3M's Scotch Flex & Seal Shipping Roll a roll of cushioned packaging that you can roll out like wrapping paper to wrap the item you want to ship. It will stick "'securely only to itself.'" This cuts waste and also shipping costs and Time calls it "'the future of packing.'"

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