The biggest football game of the year will be here before you know it on February 12. Talking about the Super Bowl. You know the elusive game the Minnesota Vikings have never won. Only two teams out of 32 make it to compete for the title, but millions tune in and bet even more show up for the parties to enjoy the food and the drink. I know I do and I'm already planning what exactly I should make.

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Despite never seeing my team play, I always celebrate the big game one way or another and it's usually by feeding my face with some of the best tailgate food you can imagine and wash it down with a beverage of choice. This year you could uniquely combine your favorite football past time of drinking and eating with a beer concotted by two Minnesota business; Modist Brewing and Hormel.

Announced this morning, January 24, in a tweet:

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Image Credit: Hormel® chili via YouTume
Image Credit: Hormel® chili via YouTume

The beer named "Hormel Chili Cheese Brew" can be found and purchased online at and they share there:

Yes, This madness is real.

The tastiness of HORMEL®  Chili Cheese Dip has come to life as a beer. Pair your dips with sips when you pick up a 4-pack of this smooth chili-cheese spiced beer.

It's dip o'clock, ya'll.

A four pack will run you $24.93 and that includes shipping and tax and be warned it states "orders will be filled in the order they are received due to limited supplies". So I'd suggest get it while you can!

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