I was on the air when I got the first text about multiple casualties. That was around 8:22 AM. But it wasn't until just before 10:30 AM that the McNeilus explosion happened, and it was the beginning of one of the strangest (and blessed) coincidences I've seen.

I'm not here pointing out a conspiracy. In fact, iit makes me sad to feel I have to even say that. I'm here to point out what I think is amazing...

Here's the background...

Dodge Center, MN (KROC-AM News) – The McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing plant in Dodge Center was rocked by an explosion this morning.


Dodge County Sheriff Scott Rose says the blast occurred shortly before 10:30 a.m. in the vicinity of one of the large paint booths in the plant, which mainly produces garbage and cement trucks that are sold throughout the world.


The sheriff says there were multiple injuries from the explosion and two of the victims had severe burns and were airlifted to the burn unit at Regions Hospital in St. Paul.

But, before all that happened, around 8:20 AM, I received a text from a friend at Mayo...

Hey, hear of any huge accidents out there? We were just put on a code yellow, which is multiple causalities.

It turned out to be just a drill. However, just over two hours later...

We have a real code yellow now!

Coincidence #01.


A few hours after the explosion, we learned of the six injured people. Two flown to a; burn unit in the Twin Cities, two to St. Mary's Hospital here in Rochester, and two treated on the scene. But with an explosion big enough to blow the doors off the building, how did more people not get hurt?

The answer is simple, really. It turns out that a bunch of the employees were at an off-site training.

Coincidence #02.

I can hear people thinking I'm saying something more here. No. I repeat, I am NOT saying there's some sort of conspiracy here. I'm saying something amazing happened yesterday. Something had people at the ready for just such an occasion and something kept more people from being hurt.

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