Last weekend the Lowry Hill Tunnel was closed on the westbound side of Interstate 94 and four lanes were established in the eastbound side of the tunnel, two going east and two going west, so that repairs can be made to the westbound side. Then in August, traffic will switch to the westbound side.

The big key to getting four lanes in the tunnel is that the lanes were reduced from 12 feet wide to 10 feet. So the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the State Patrol do not want trucks over 9,000 pounds, including school buses, to use the tunnel during the project.

I know there are many truckers from southern Minnesota that go through the Cities and use the tunnel normally. There have been a number of close calls already with trucks sneaking through. So the State Patrol is going to be stepping up patrols around the tunnel. Trucks that get caught coming through the tunnel could get something from the State Patrol - a citation that has a $300 fine attached to it.

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