I saw something I had never seen before at Pork Congress this year. Toys for pigs in the barns! Livestock producers know that the more comfortable an animal is, the more productive they will be. That is why we have barns to protect the animals from predators, wild animals that can spread disease and cold temperatures. So, I guess the next step is toys to keep pigs occupied just like we buy toys for our dogs and cats!

The toys for pigs in the pictures were developed by EASYFIX USA. I talked with Scott Romens who is a Territory Sales Manager about the toys. Scott said they developed the toys, received a U.S. patent and have a number of distributors! Pigs have a natural instinct to want to chew on things and rut with their nose! You just throw these toys in the barn and let them push them around and chew on them! The toys are solid, durable and quite inexpensive!

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