Glen and Melinda Groth form Winona County qualified for the Top 10 in the Achievement Award national competition at the American Farm Bureau Federation 99 Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting wrapped up Wednesday in Nashville Tennessee. The Groth's earned the opportunity to compete at the National Meeting because they won the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation's Young Farmers and Ranchers Achievement Award contest last November in Bloomington.

The Groth's raise corn, soybeans, alfalfa and milk dairy cows near Ridgeway. They have two small daughters. The Young Farmers and Rancher's Achievement Award contestants "are selected on their exceptional efforts in agriculture through farm management and leadership achievements as well as effective use of capital on their farm."

The Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation's Young Farmer and Rancher Program has many opportunities for young Agricultural Professionals to get involved. You also see many men and women that have Jobs and careers in Ag Business that are also involved in the Young Farmer and Rancher Program. While I am a member of the Farm Bureau and involved in agriculture, I cannot be in the Young Farmer and Rancher Program. I guess the young in the name, Young Farmer and Rancher means something. You have to be 36 years old or younger. I passed 36 years old a few laps back!