Dustin Lynch came out of the box swinging: Of the singles that the singer-songwriter has released in his relatively short career, seven have hit the top spot on the charts. Three of those No. 1 singles came off of Lynch's sophomore album, Where It's At ... consecutively, followed immediately by two more consecutive No. 1s from his Current Mood album.

Below, The Boot has ranking Lynch's very best songs -- so far. Read on to see if your personal ranking matches!

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    "Good Girl"

    From 'Tullahoma' (2020)

    Lynch's first No. 1 as a songwriter, "Good Girl" is an ode to Lynch's love, who is an all-around (you guessed it) "good girl." "You're an angel / You're a keeper / The kinda thing that you gotta lock down / I'm lovin' just livin' every minute since you came around," he sings. Throughout the summery, upbeat track, Lynch explains just how perfect she is, and how she's changed his world for the better.

    The release of "Good Girl," shortly after Lynch dropped his third studio album, caught the artist by surprise, too: "I called my record label, [and] they were cool with me going ahead and recording it, and then I asked, 'Man, what if we went ahead and put this out for Summer '18?' Like, I can't wait all year long to put out this out next year or something," Lynch recalls, "and they were like, 'Why, hell yeah!'"

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    "Hell of a Night"

    From 'Where It's At' (2014)

    This “live fast, die young” anthem was the second single from Lynch’s second studio album, Where It’s At. It also earned him his second No. 1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

    “Ooh, baby, you and me, just a-runnin’ down crazy / Flying high, living careless, on the edge of wild and reckless," Lynch sings, the song's minor key contrasting with its "let's get crazy!" lyrics. "Hold on tight, I’m about to show you a hell of a night.”

    If they ever made a country-themed installment of the The Fast and the Furious franchise, "Hell of a Night" would be a great choice for the soundtrack.

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    "Seein' Red"

    From 'Current Mood' (2017)

    "Seein' Red" was the lead single from Lynch’s third studio album, Current Mood. The tune is about a girl who's all the protagonist can think about -- “I’m talkin’ red hot, red kiss falling off yours lips / I’m talking red hot, red dress hanging on your hips / I’m talking backseat, heartbeat pounding in my chest / I’m seein’ red ...” -- which is ironic because the song will easily get stuck in listeners' heads and be all they can think about.

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    "Cowboys and Angels"

    From 'Dustin Lynch' (2012)

    Lynch leans into his classic country baritone in this song, which is appropriate given its classic elements: lovers on the run, opposites attracting and literal cowboys. The song glides along somberly -- "My touch is her temptation / Her kiss is my salvation / She’s sweet, I’m wild, we’re dangerous" -- making listeners wonder if this love story between the guy with boots and the girl with wings is meant to last.

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    "Where It's At (Yep, Yep)"

    From 'Where It's At' (2014)

    "Where It’s At (Yep, Yep)" is the first single from Lynch’s second album of the same name -- and maybe the first song ever to contain the phrase “yep, yep” in its complete title. Interestingly, it’s that catchy, almost-an-afterthought “yep, yep” that helps make this song so singable, which certainly helped Lynch notch his first No. 1 single on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

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