An acapella group from East Ridge High School in Minnesota typically performs for a group of seniors at Woodbury Senior Living. The acapella group is called Syncopeight and now, because of Coronavirus (COVID-19), things have had to change up a little bit. Instead of performing inside the group of students now perform outside, six feet apart, and with masks on.

They did a performance recently for the senior living residents. Adam Garrity is a junior at East Ridge High School. He talked to FOX 9 about their decision to continue performing for the residents at Woodbury Senior Living. He said, "'The outbreak is already stressful enough and to be stuck in place and be vulnerable to it, I think it’s really important to help people when they are stuck there.'"

Most of the residents stay inside for the performance and listen through their windows. They really appreciate that these students continue to come to serenade them, especially during these difficult times. One resident, Charles Velander, told FOX 9 about how he's feeling about everything going on: “'I've been eight years in the Navy. I never got tied down like this. That's why this music is great. It’s the best thing we've had.'"

This is just the kind of stories we love to see! People doing selfless things for those who need it most. I love that these students decided that continuing to perform for these seniors was important. Junior Carter Bannwarth told FOX 9, "'It makes me happy to do this. It warms my heart."

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