After some very dry months in May, June, and July, the month of August has seen more rain than the previous three months combined. According to the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities, last night's rain pushed August 2021 into the top-10 wettest August's on record.


The rain last night at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International airport, pushed the August rainfall total to 6.89" which puts August 2021 into the top-10 for wettest August's on record. 6.89" pushes 2017's 6.75" of rain out of the top-10.

Furthermore, August has now seen more rain than May, June, and July had in total at the airport. The three months combined for a total of 6.18".

So is this enough rain to break areas of Minnesota out of drought conditions that we have been seeing? It doesn't seem like it will ease the grip of the drought much.

According to the US Drought Monitor's report from last week, heading into the weekend, this is what it said about Minnesota and the drought situation.

Recent heavy rain allowed for some improvements in drought areas in Iowa and Minnesota (where the heaviest amounts occurred to alleviate very short-term dryness), but longer-term deficits and impacts to the hydrologic system remain across the greater part of the two states. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northern Minnesota closed recently due to a nearby wildfire. The ongoing drought has also adversely affected bee populations and honey production. Low streamflow in rivers in Minnesota remained a problem this week. In some areas of northeast and southwest Minnesota that didn’t see much or any rain this week, extreme drought widened its footprint. - US Drought Monitor

You can learn more about droughts and how much rain we'd need overtime to technically end the drought we've been in here. 

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