It was a nice day for a 6-hour drive down to Kansas City for the Farm Broadcasters Convention. It was cool and cloudy in Minnesota but in Kansas City, we had sunshine and temperatures in the middle 50s. Remember though, that Kansas City is around 450 miles south of Faribault. While that may sound nice in the winter they tend to have a lot more ice storms than we do in Minnesota.

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In the pictures is the home of the Farm Broadcasters Convention, the Westin Crown Center in downtown Kansas City. It is a really nice hotel complete with a waterfall in the lobby. It also has many different meeting rooms and ballrooms to host all of the meetings and trade talks. Many of the booths were being set up this afternoon and another room was being set up for the opening reception.

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It is great to see other Farm Broadcasters from around the Country after missing last year because of COVID-19. Thursday will be a busy day with all the interviews at Trade Talk, two business meetings later in the afternoon, and then Friday morning at 4:30 am we will be heading back to Minnesota!

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