This stretch of cold wet weather is getting old again. We are fortunate that the corn is pretty well all planted and a large percentage of the beans are in the ground, so it could be worse. It would appear that some lower areas or "potholes" drowned out and some of those might be replanted depending on how large they are. However, from what I have heard we are more fortunate than areas in the eastern Corn Belt.

I read last week that there would be a record amount of corn acres replanted in Indiana. In Illinois the corn crop condition ratings are the lowest in 10 years. While they do not have to be concerned about the corn being mature before the first killing frost like we do, planting corn late means it is pollinating during the really hot part of the summer. The USDA is using a national average corn yield of 170 bushels an acre for this year. That would be the second-highest national average yield in history.

Sure makes you consider the possibility that the USDA might lower the national average corn yield in the June Supply Demand Report? In the picture is a community golf course I drive by going out to the farm. Saturday afternoon it was too wet to mow the lawn or golf!

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