It was not really dry earlier this week but most farmers felt an inch of rain "sure would be nice." Well, we got an inch and in much of our KDHL listening area a whole lot more. The rains began later on Sunday afternoon and it seemed like every storm follower the same path. It is always interesting when listeners from around our area call in with their rain gauge reports. Here are some of the reports:

Mark from 1 mile southeast of Faribault 4.4 inches

Paul from Montgomery 6.75 inches

Adrian from by Truckers Inn in Faribault 5.3 inches

Mark Nerstrand 5.2 inches

Dick from east Walcott township in Rice County 3.8 inches

Mark from Stanton 4.5 inches

Richard from southeast of Kenyon 2.2 inches

Linda from New Trier 7.5 inches

Ashley from south of Albert Lea .3 inches

Jerry's farm by Wells .8 inches

Did you notice the trend? In south central and southeast Minnesota the rain gauge totals were much less. We are still saying an inch of rain sure would be nice!

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