Over the weekend I was out to the farm working over the sweet corn and pea ground. Saturday evening my peas were planted and Sunday I planted the sweet corn. It sure is nice to finally have all the planting done for the year. Unless of course there is some replanting that needs to be done. It is pretty much too late to replant corn, but with my crop insurance if something would happen to my beans I would still have to replant them. With the planting done I walked into one of my corn fields and noticed some damage to most of the corn plants.

Of course we know it was very cold and wet after this corn was planted. From the road you could see the corn plants getting a better green color. After walking into the field you could see many of the leaves had necrotic tissue that actually looked like they had been frozen. I will ask my agronomist about what his thoughts are but I guess it does not really make any difference. You can see the nice green colored leaf that has emerged from the whorl or center of the plant. A little sun and higher temperature is exactly what these corn plants needed. I am always amazed at how resilient those little corn plants can be!

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