Earlier this week I called Tom Hoverstad, Scientist at the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca to get the September 2021 weather data. Tom said the weather in September 2021 was uneventful, but the pattern this entire growing season continued, warmer and drier than normal. Temperatures averaged 2 degrees warmer than normal at 67.7 degrees. The warmest September on record was in 1988 at 69.7 degrees. September precipitation was the seventeenth driest on record so not of any real significance.

attachment-TOM SROC 10-5 SEPT WEATHER

Corn has reached maturity or black layer and is drying down nicely. Even 105 day hybrids have moisture levels of around 25 percent or lower. Shorter season hybrids of 98 days maturity were down around 15 percent. Many of the beans have been harvested already and I suspect by the end of the week bean harvest will be done and more farmers will be harvesting corn. For the most part, at least in our area many farmers are pleased with the corn and soybean yields. Given the drought many are seeing much higher yields than they anticipated! Click on the link and listen to Tom discuss our September 2021 weather.

This Popular Dish in Minnesota and Iowa Has 14 Different Names

What do you call this popular dish in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin that features a piece of bread that is buttered on both sides, had a hole cut out of the middle, and gets fried up with an egg in the middle? Well, it seems like there isn't just one name but 14 different names.


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