Today is National Pizza Day. I have often said Pizza is a Dairy Farmers best friend. Cheese consumption in 1970 was 8 pounds per person per year. Now it is 23 pounds per person per year and we can thank the popularity of pizza. I do not remember pizza chains growing up or even Mom bringing home frozen pizza. I do remember Mom bringing home pizza in a box.

Mom would make the crust, put the sauce, cheese and some type of meat on and put it in the oven. We all thought is was great and looked forward to when we would get a "treat" of having pizza for supper. I am quite certain that kids today would not be impressed with the pizza we had compared to what is available now! Everything is relative I guess? So, celebrate National Pizza Day and order a pizza. I do not have a favorite pizza brand or chain. They are all great compared to the ones that came in a box!

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