Today is National Pickle Day. While any vegetable can be pickled, most Americans, when you say pickles, think of cucumber pickles. Ironically, I do not like to eat cucumbers, but I very much enjoy eating pickles made from cucumbers! I cannot imagine eating a hamburger or sloppy joe without pickles on them. In addition a great hot dish with pickles is hard to beat!

The term pickles comes from the Dutch work pekle which means brine. Making cucumber pickles begins with blanching the cucumbers. Then they are put in jars with seasonings that will give them their flavor. Sugar can be added for sweetness in the brine. The basic brine is made from water and vinegar. According to the National Day Calendar Americans consume 5,200,000 pounds of pickles every year. They can be high in sodium but other than that they are a very healthy food!

Abbey Minke
Abbey Minke

Yes I enjoy dill and sweet pickles from the grocery store. But, they are not quite like the ones Louise's Grandma Soeffker used to make. Grandma Soeffker had a garden where she raised the dill and cucumbers. Then, every summer she made dill pickles from her family recipe. Every family holiday when we were at her house, I would comment about her pickles and how much I enjoyed them. She would respond with the biggest smile! Enjoy a few pickles on National Pickle Day!

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