Today, October 12, marks National Farmers Day. It's a day, to honor those who work acres and not hours. To honor those who toil in soil, heat, humidity, freezing temps, rain, snow, and sleet. To honor those who produce what we consume. To honor those that help fill area grocery store shelves and bins. Without the farmer and the men, women, and families who put food in the grocery stores and on our tables every day, there would be a lot of missing jobs. Today, and every day, we salute the hardworking farmer and their family.

Just think about how many people the farmer works with even before they begin the harvest in the fall! Farmers not only work with seed and implement dealers they also help keep people in the following work-related fields: manufacturing, trucking, marketing, railroad, transportation, pharmaceuticals, and tourism.

When you think of a farmer you probably think about just-food. That's only part of the picture that farmers are apart of. The American farmer has a hand in providing material for:

  • leather
  • apparel
  • textiles
  • forestry

The Faribault Chamber of Commerce and Tourism is taking lunches out to local farmers this week as a way to thank area farmers for all they do for our communities.

This ad from several years ago played during the Super Bowl, and it makes sense to give it a watch today. A salute to those who plant, pick, milk, sheer, and raise all things that grow.

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