Fans of the new look Timberwolves were in for a treat this morning, as the team released the brand-new uniforms for the world to see. You know what? They look sharp!

Have you seen the new uniforms?!? They look awesome! The Wolves released an awesome video with the new uniforms as they continue to get fans excited about the new season. You can check that out below:

I love the light blue/dark blue combo, and the uniform has a classic feel to it, which I absolutely love. There is also two more uniforms coming out, which also keeps the fans on the edge of their seat. They are trying to build excitement, I get that, but GIVE US THE UNIFORMS NOW!

With Jimmy Butler, Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins among many other players, the Wolves are looking like a team that will make the playoffs. Will they? We won't know that until the postseason comes, but hopefully the squad can figure out how to break the longest postseason drought in the NBA.

I am so ready for the new era of Wolves basketball, aren't you?!?


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