Even at this late stage in life (everyone at KDHL calls me old) I had a couple of new experiences Tuesday when I was out to the farm. It was the first time I was planting a cover crop. My peas were harvested too late to even consider beans so I planted certified oat seed for a cover crop. I did not have a drill so I had Crystal Valley Co-op air flow them on and then did a shallow disking to work them in. With some rain, hopefully they will grow and provide some residue.

After a couple of hours I got out of the tractor cab to stretch and walked over to have a look at the corn field. I went in a couple rows and noticed this stalk of corn with three ears on it. On the outside row where the plant gets more sunlight you will often times see a stalk with two ears. I have never seen three. Sometimes these extra ears might develop a few kernels but they contribute very little to the overall yield. However, it was still fun to see three ears on one stalk.

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