Three animals were killed in a barn fire near Wanamingo on Friday.

The fire broke out around noon in a barn on the Ray Sands farm. Yes that's the Ray Sands of the Polka Dots fame.

I spoke with his wife, Sue, while he was visiting with the Fire Marshal and she was so appreciative of a passerby who stopped and knocked on their door to alert them to the barn being on fire.

Sue also praised the Wanamingo and Kenyon Volunteer Fire Departments for responding so quickly and putting out the fire.

She told KDHL there were about 20 of the neighbor's goats in the barn and three calves. Sue believed three goats lost their lives.

Fire officials said a baby goat apparently knocked over a heat lamp onto some hay and that's what ignited the blaze. There was no external damage to the classic barn and minimal damage inside.

The barn was built in 1962 on the Sands farm, which is a sesquicentennial farmstead.

photo from TSM Library
photo from TSM Library


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