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Another week, another set or warrants, though only from the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office and the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office. Each week each office selects warrants based on a variety of criteria. Appearance in this story and on their lists do not necessarily represent "most wanted" in either county. These are valid as of 09/01/2021
If you see any of these people, do not approach or attempt to apprehend them. Instead, in Olmsted County, during weekdays call 507-328-6830. After 5 PM and on weekends, call 507-328-6800. In Goodhue County, call 651-358-3155.

As always, in an emergency, call 911.

Goodhue County Warrant Included In Today's Collection:

Goodhue County Sheriff's OFfice
Goodhue County Sheriff's OFfice
  • Monica Lynn Hood
  • CHARGES: Registration and Eligibility of Voters - Register an ineligible voter

Olmsted County Warrant Included In Today's Collection:

Olmsted County Sheriff's Office
Olmsted County Sheriff's Office
  • Rory Lindsay Deer
  • CHARGES: Felony - Domestic assault by strangulation, 3rd degree assault, substantial bodily harm. Misdemeanor - Domestic assault, inflict/attempt inflict bodily harm, domestic assault fear

What Is 'Domestic Assault Fear'?

According to LawFirms.com,

A charge of domestic assault in Minnesota is a serious criminal matter than can result in severe consequences. Simple domestic assault, without the aggravating circumstances discussed below, is considered a misdemeanor. However, if it involves strangulation, the assault is considered a felony and carries a sentence of not more than three years in prison or a fine not exceeding $5,000, or both. "Family or household members" is broadly defined under the law as including:

  • Spouses, former spouses, parents, and children;
  • Individuals related by blood;
  • Individuals presently living together or who have lived together in the past;
  • Individuals who have a child in common without regard to marital status or history of residing together;
  • A woman and man if the woman is pregnant and the man is allegedly the father, regardless of marital status or history of residing together; and
  • Those involved in a significant romantic or sexual relationship.

The goal with these warrants is to create awareness so these individuals can be found.

This gallery is of individuals wanted as of September 01, 2021. If you are viewing this gallery at any time after that date, the warrants listed could be settled.

Olmsted County's Video


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