Smaller rural Minnesota towns are great. You get to know your neighbors pretty well, and when you need a hand with something more often than not there are more hands available than the work that needed to be done. That was pretty much the case recently in Albert Lea after a Great Dane named Harvey was hit by a vehicle and then ran from the crash injured.

It all began on December 5th when a post for help finding Harvey was shared on the Humane Society of Freeborn County's Facebook page.

Suddenly the search for Harvey was on in Albert Lea. Comments were appearing from people throughout the area hoping for the safe return of Harvey, and others offering assistance in the search.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

The next day, after Harvey still wasn't located, a new post went up surrounding Harvey on the Humane Society's page, this time the news didn't sound really great. Harvey's pawprints were found, and they were blood spots to accompany the pawprints left behind.

Foot tracks of Harvey have been found and it appears he is injured. The family is asking if anyone has time to go help look for him. Westside of the arena on Lake Chapeau Drive 

The post was later updated with some positive news that the Great Dane was found!

After Harvey was found he was taken to a local vet to be examined for any further injuries resulting from being hit by a vehicle.

The good news was that Harvey only sustained damage to his paw pads, and after some time with booties on, he would make a full recovery.

What I thought was really cool was that Harvey's family took the time to thank all those who helped, especially so to two individuals for going above and beyond in the search for Harvey.

That's what living in a small town is all about.

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