If you love taking photos and also love sunflowers, this is the place for you!

Johnny Fish has shared his absolutely amazing sunflower fields with people for over 5 years, oh and did I mention that it's free to visit? Fish, a Big Lake native, says his reason for doing this is to spread cheer and happiness for those who visit! This year, Fish planted 10 full fields beautiful sunflowers for anyone to enjoy!

Located in Rogers, the first couple fields are ready for visitors from all over to enjoy! The other planted fields are expected to bloom in August or September. To make sure that visitors do not come prematurely to visit the fields before they fully bloom, the exact location of the sunflower fields are not disclosed until a week before the opening according to the Fish Sunflower website! The sunflower fields even have their own Facebook group! According to the group, each field comes with their own instructions, since the fields are on private property. If you are looking so something fun to do with your friends and/or family, you should really check out Fish Sunflowers!

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