What does a bear and a laying down seal have to do with a Mobil gas station in Winger Minnesota? Well as far as we know, not much, but that is precisely what you'll find outside the Minnesota gas station on US Highway 59.

For those who are heading out for a Labor Weekend getaway, if you find yourself up in Polk County, and happen to pass through the town of  Winger, population 220, maybe stop by the Mobil station, 9 Borud St, to fill up, and admire the uniquely odd statue what adorns the grass near the Mobil sign.

Image Credit: Google Maps
Image Credit: Google Maps

The statue features a bear, it's white so I'm going to go with a polar bear, standing with one leg on top of laying down seal. (tell the kids the bear it giving the seal a backrub)

So what's the story behind this somewhat odd statue? Roadside America has some answers to this question. Roadside America credits the statue to artist Ernie Konikson and it is a "1960s era concrete sculpture of a polar bear finishing off a seal."

So who was this artist, Ernie Konikson?

Well, a post from the Polk County Historical Society shed some light on Konikson, and his love of concrete statues.

On top of the polar bear and seal statue in Winger, Polk County has several larger concrete statues attributed to the artist Konikson, who died in 1977.

You can learn a little bit more about the Erskine Minnesota artist, his work, and where e statues are located in Polk County here. 

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