Some not-so-sweet music came from the man with the nickname Sweet Music early Friday morning on Twitter. Former Twin, and World Series Champion, Frank Viola, tweeted out early Friday morning his frustration with his former team, and what he thinks might be contributing to the losses this season.

Viola's tweet which some considered to be a little high and inside, has seen plenty of support from baseball fans, and Twins fans alike. When I read his tweet I could sense the frustration in that a team, the Twins, made the playoffs a year ago, is so far out of a playoff spot now it's laughable. Only the Twins seemed to have nearly the same team that went to the playoffs one year ago. Many Twins fans have been scratching their heads as to what happened. Viola offers up his theory on what happened, and it focuses on the top of the organization. Viola points the finger straight at the Twins brain trust of Derek Falvey and Thad Levine.

The @Twins have forgotten what baseball is all about….fundamentals, the belief in each other, the love of the daily grind….you don’t have baseball people leading this attitude and approach, you have a losing organization. Wrong leadership equals no chance to succeed.

While the game has changed since Viola last played, he is still very much connected to baseball as he is the pitching coach for the High Point Rockers of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball. 

While many will say that this is just one man's opinion as to what ails the Twins these days, some will wonder if there is some ingredient to the truth to what Viola tweeted.

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