The #GreatMNGetTogether kicks off Thursday night crowning the next Princess Kay of the Milky Way. We will immortalize her in a block of butter. But that's not the only food-related story that is coming of St. Paul this week. In recent years we have seen some of the fantastically complex crop art at the Minnesota State Fair take a turn for the political. Like Emerill would say 'BOOM we gotta take it up a notch!' and a candidate in this year's mid-terms is doing just that.

The candidate painstakingly put together the campaign sign-looking art piece using four different types of beans.

The best part about the art is she doesn't seem to take herself too seriously. She finished it off with a pun on the office she's seeking: "Bean counter. Literally."

Blaha is running against GOP endorsed candidate Pam Myhra.

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