A big congratulations to Heavy Metal Customs in Faribault as they were picked to be featured on the Nation Cable TV Show "My Dream Car". Mike Graham, owner of Heavy Metal Customs made the announcement this morning via a press release.

Heavy Metal Customs in Faribault is well known for its many awards, and now the shop is about to become even more famous when a film crew arrives to film “My Dream Car.”

Mike Graham, owner of Heavy Metal Customs said, “I am ecstatic to be working with the hod-rod legend, David Freiburger.  He said the eight weeks of filming for the show, “could be the biggest opportunity of my life!” But the rest is a mystery.  Graham said, “I can’t discuss any of the details because the vehicles are done as a surprise to the owners.”

According to the press release, the program follows the journey of families finding, buying, restoring, and surprising loved ones with the car they once owned and loved.

Graham said he really loves the concept of the show, and that reminds him of a quote he has held close for many years, “the past is the past.  The future we can not predict, and now is a gift.  That’s why it’s called the present.”  He added, “these vehicles are from the past.  These people never thought they would see the car again, or get it, and here it is….a gift.”

Filming is expected to begin in the next week. Episodes of “My Dream Car” with host Danielle Trotta and the show can be seen on the Fox Business Channel.

With filming to begin next week, what are the chances we see cameras at the first Downtown Cruise-In?

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