Central Minnesotans Can Expect to Pay More Dining Out
A worker shortage, COVID-19 pandemic and a shortage of many products has triggered inflation in many different areas in our economy. St. Cloud State Economist and Dean, School of Public Affairs, King Banaian joined me on WJON today. He says inflation is sticking around for the foreseeable future an…
Is Your Car on This List?
I used to drive a Honda. I guess I'm lucky I got home with it. The 1997 Honda Accord is the most commonly stolen vehicle in Minnesota, according to a national insurance report.
A Look Back: 1919 Dodge
Jerry Ganfield shares some of the history behind this 1919 Dodge now on display at the Steele County Historical Society Museum as part of the Automobiles & Roads exhibit. It went from touring car, to farm truck, back to restored touring car, and is now on display.