I love many things in this world, but nothing really makes me happier than chocolate and breakfast food! So, when I saw a TikTok about this restaurant I knew I had to share it because it just looks so good! The restaurant is called Hope Breakfast Bar, located at 1 S Leech St, in St Paul, MN and I am now dying to check it out.

When visiting their lovely website, I immediately went to the menu page and I’m not joking when I say my jaw dropped multiple times. They have so much stuff! For starters, they have their savory plates listed first which includes items such as the McHope Sandwich (biscuit, bacon, cheddar cheese, fried egg*, seasoned hash browns), Cheddar Cheese French Toast (caramelized cheddar brioche stacked high and topped with fresh tomato basil and cheese soup), and even Bacon Tacos!

Now for my favorite part; the sweet plates! This part of the menu includes some very delicious items such as German Chocolate Pancakes (fresh German chocolate pancakes with toasted coconut, German chocolate syrup), Banana Churro Waffle (sweet waffle with fresh banana, walnuts, cinnamon brown sugar with cream cheese syrup), and Pillow Pancakes (buttermilk and sourdough yeast pancakes light as air, cinnamon sugar butter, and cream cheese maple syrup). And these are just a few to name but there are so many other tasty things to try!

But it doesn’t stop there! There are even items in the ‘starters and sides’ section such as cinnamon rolls and even their Giant Pickle Pretzel (3lb. pretzel spiced with pickle seasoning and served with cream cheese pickle dip). Hope Breakfast Bar also offers an endless drink option that includes their coffee bar, their own lemonade and punches, cocktails, beer, and wine! I mean the list just goes on.

Not only is the menu outstanding but Hope breakfast bar is also a community-driven restaurant! As stated on the main page of their website, “Hope Breakfast Bar donates 3% of all sales to our neighbors in need through our non-profit, Give Hope.” In addition, their mission statement states “Hope Breakfast Bar is here to start your day with optimism. From our unique spaces to our fresh take on breakfast favorites, we are built on a foundation of the past with a focus on making the future of our community a better place.” How can you not want to check this place out?

They have a new location at 5377 W 16th Street, in St. Louis Park, and are open from 8 am to 3 pm every day. All information can be credited to Hope Breakfast Bar’s website, as well as the posts provided by their Instagram.

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