While I was scrolling this Sunday morning, I ran into a video posted to Facebook in 2020, that was the 1994 broadcast of the 19th Annual Budweiser Dairyland Super Nationals from Tomah Wisconsin.

This year will mark the 47th Annual Dairyland Super Nationals in Tomah, and it's crazy to me to see how much the sport has evolved over the years. Back in 1994, many of the rigs used to pull were from the 60s and 70s, and their engines weren't as 'complicated' as the engines we see in vehicles today.

So enjoy this journey back in time, to 1994, where at the time you might have been still remembering Nelson Mandela being elected President of South Africa, Nancy Kerrigan being hit in the knee with a pipe, OJ Simpson's arrest in the murder of his wife and Ron Goldman, and still to come in 1994, the MLB Baseball Players Strike in August. (Funny how history repeats itself, as MLB has locked out the players, with no end in sight, and this is the first work stoppage since 1994 for MLB)

Check out this 1994 Dairyland Super National's Truck Pulling event from Tomah Wisconsin. There are some Southern Minnesotans competing, and of course, you can't beat hearing those engines roar.

Did you recognize any names? How about any of the trucks?

Hopefully, we will see some truck pulling this summer again at the Great Rice County Fair.

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