Minnesota State Fair days are here and this girl could not be more excited, I'm dancing in my chair excited right now!

Photo by Megan Zee
Photo by Megan Zee

It's an event I have loved since the first time I was there at the age of 13 and won a free trip with 4-H. That's right, I was in 4-H and it was a BLAST!

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From that moment on, I was hooked and wanted to go every year. If you've been to the "Great Minnesota Get Together" you understand why so many Minnesotans and non-Minnesotans are a fan and keep coming back for more. Not only do you understand, but you can appreciate why many are super fans and display their fandom anyway they can.

The best I have seen this year so far, was a reel shared to me by a friend who knows how I love to get my nails done. In this video, that was originally found on Instagram, is EPIC Minnesota State Fair nails done by a @crystalsnailscene and shared by Wiggy Waifu.


Would you ever dream of getting your nails done like this? Truth be told, not only do I love the Minnesota State Fair, but I also LOVE to get my nails done and my friend shared this telling me

You are the only person that I know who could pull this off!!

Quite honestly, I WOULD get my nails done like this if I had time and had seen the idea earlier. But alas the talented nail artist is booked right now, a girl can dream and plan ahead for next year or event, right?!

For now, I'll settle for my favorite food when I head to the Minnesota State Fair, the Australian Battered Potatoes...

Photo by Megan Zee
Photo by Megan Zee

...which I am currently salivating just thinking about and grinning from ear to ear to soon see my other fellow Minnesota State Fair fans in all their glory. Happy Minnesota State Fairing and hope to see you there!


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