Reports from Washington D.C. are that President Trump will sign the funding bill passed by the U.S House of Representatives and Senate. The funding bill does not include all the funding for the boarder wall that President Trump wanted but indications are he will sign it to keep the Federal Government funded and open. So, that means we will continue to get USDA reports like the export sales, commitment of traders and the Supply Demand Reports.

It will still take a while to get current with some of the reports from the USDA. This I would think would be friendly for the grain markets because there has been a lot of talk about China buying beans, ethanol and maybe even corn. Traders pretty much ignored that talk because there was no "confirmation" from the USDA. Hopefully eventually we will get the "confirmation" from the USDA. If the Government would have shut down again we would not have even had a chance to get "confirmation."

This is also good news for farmers wanting to put their corn and soybeans under loan. In addition many ag lenders work with USDA FSA guaranteed loan programs administrated out of local offices. Farmers need to get their operating loans lined up at this time of the year so now at least the process can move forward too. In addition this is good news for all the Federal employees that were caught in the first shutdown!

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